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Your Two Cents

Share your ideas, best practices and innovations for your work, your office & your organization.* Put your two cents out there for Agency leaders (and all of ARS if you choose!) and tune back in for discussion and appropriate actions in the coming months.



11/28/2016 - You may be wondering, where is Y2C?
We’ve had some setbacks getting the new program up and running.
Rest assured, Dr. Jacobs-Young and other ARS senior leaders still support Y2C
and see the program as an integral part of ARS culture.
Dr. Jacobs-Young has come to depend on Y2C feedback,
and is the person in ARS asking us about a new release date most frequently!
We are sorry you are missing us, but thanks for the emails and inquiries
which let us know we are missed and the program is valued.
We hope to have the new Y2C up and running for the new year.

Welcome to Your Two Cents, the award-winning ARS best practice
and idea feedback program.
Your Two Cents (Y2C) is under exciting development.
The new and improved Y2C, powered by OrganizedFeedback,
will be up and running after the new Fiscal Year.
In the meantime, the system is available for your perusal,
but is not accepting new ideas or comments.
The Y2C Response Team and Focus Group are on a sabbatical of sorts.
We are cleaning up existing ideas and responses and getting the new system ready.
All new responses will be available when the new Y2C opens in the fall. Thank you for all you do to make Y2C a rich resource for ARS!

Y2C here. We're looking for your input on the new Concur travel system. Have you used it? Do you have any tips or tricks to sha [more...]

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